Mohs surgery in Athens, Ga


Q: What is taking so long between layers? 

A: Processing the tissue layers in our on-site lab takes between 30-45 minutes depending on the size and cancer type.

Q: Are there activity restraints after surgery? 

A: It is recommended that you avoid strenuous activity for 1-2 weeks after surgery. 

Q: Will I be able to drive after the procedure? 

A: We do not require you to have a driver for your surgery, however it is best to have someone on standby in case you need a ride. This is especially true if we are working around your eye due to swelling that can sometimes occur from the surgery and the pressure bandage we will apply after the surgery 

Planning for your surgery: 

  • Please take all medications as normal the day of your surgery, including any blood thinners. 
  • ​Please eat a good breakfast before your surgery.
  • Plan on being at our office most of the day. 
  • To help pass your time you may bring a snack, book or a friend. 
  • Our waiting room and surgery rooms can be cold so you may also want to bring a sweater.  

What is Mohs Surgery? 

Mohs micrographic surgery involves removing skin cancer and examining skin tissue under a microscope until healthy, cancer-free tissue around the tumor is reached (called clear margins). Because the Mohs College surgeon is a dermatologist with special training in cancer surgery, skin pathology, and reconstructive surgery, Mohs surgery has the highest success rate of all treatments for skin cancer. 

Please call our office if you have any questions regarding your upcoming surgery. 

Mohs surgery

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